Caravan Serai stands as the epitome of an ideal dining destination. Renowned for its refined interiors, luxurious ambiance, and exemplary cuisine, the chain outlets of Caravan Serai consistently uphold a standard of excellence. With strategic locations across Mumbai, Caravan Serai caters to discerning food enthusiasts seeking the authentic flavors of North Indian cuisine.

Caravan Serai Ambience

As you enter Caravan Serai, you're transported to a realm where tradition meets tradition. The decor, inspired by the opulence of the Mughal era, creates an inviting and warm atmosphere. Intricately carved wooden furnishings, vibrant textiles, and soft lighting set the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

Caravan Serai Cuisine

Caravan Serai specializes in North-West Frontier cuisine, offering a tantalizing array of dishes that celebrate the robust flavors and aromatic spices of the region. From succulent kebabs to flavorful curries, each dish is meticulously crafted using authentic recipes and the finest locally sourced ingredients.



Our Locations


Western Suburbs, Akruti Star, 1, Ground Floor, MIDC Central Rd, M.I.D.C, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059